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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to popular questions we think you might run into! If you have more please contact us directly!

How do I add a user to my account?

To add a user to your company account, on the left menu bar, you will click "Team Members". From there you will select "Add Team Member". Fill in the user account information to add them to your organization.


How do I create a new progress track?

When viewing your dashboard, you should see a button "Create Progress Track". When you click it, you will be asked if you want to create from scratch or import a progress track. If you have created one before and are trying to create one that is the same in structure, click import! If you are creating a brand new one, click create from scratch. Here you will be taken to a pop up that asks for the track name, description and team member assignment. Following this, you will be brought to the internal progress track view. There you can add steps, add a client, and more!


How do I edit an existing progress track?

When you are viewing your progress track, click "Edit progress track". You will be able to alter the name, description, and team member here. If you wish to change, move, add, or delete individual steps, then you should click the three dots in the top right of each step card. 


How do I create a reminder?

On your user dashboard you will see a "Create Reminder" button at the top right. 


What does a Client see on the other side?

The client sees everything you do when it comes to the progress track assigned to them by you and your organization. They can not edit or change key information regarding the progress track, as you are the owner and maintainer of it. They can leave comments and add files to steps as well.


Didn't find an answer to your question?

Contact us directly at with your question and we will assist you!

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