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Use Cases

Nexsto can be used for any complex process, but we thought it might be helpful to include some use cases where Nexsto is used every day. With our highly configurable solution progress tracks can be used in every industry for any process. 

College Library


When a prospective student inquires to a University they have no idea what they need to do to get Admitted. Traditionally Counselors will communicate with student via text/email. The problem is that this communication gets lost in the inbox which causes the student to have to reach out to the Counselor again or just simply not do what they need to. With Nexsto Counselor can share a Progress Track that helps guide students through the admissions process and reduce the amount of times counselors have to reach out to students and gives the students a wholistic view to what they need to do to get Admitted.  

Real Estate

Home Buyers have to go through many steps before they can close on a house. This includes getting approved for a loan, appraisal, inspection, and many more. With Nexsto Real Estate agents can create a progress track that will help their clients walkthrough the process of buying a house. This helps reduce the stress of buying a house and makes the process much more enjoyable and effienient. 

Luxury House
Financial Report

Financial Planning

Planning for the future is tough. With Nexsto Financial Planners can create Progress Tracks with their clients and easily navigate the process of planning for the future. This gives a wholistic view and transparency that every client looks for. 


Creating a bank account or switching banks is a process that is difficult to navigate. Banks use our software to share Progress Tracks with clients to help them get set up as quickly and efficiently as possible

Business information desk
Hotel Reception


The best way to guarantee a great experience is to make sure all communication is easy. Nexsto helps ensure an easy process and overall great experience for anyone. 

Human Resources

When onboarding new employees it takes a specific process to get them ready to work. With Nexsto you can help these new employees get onboarded so that they can get to work on the things that really matter.  

White Cars

Car Sales

In order to buy a car sales people have to help potential clients navigate the process of selecting a vehicle, getting approved for loans, and setting up payment. 


Compliance is critical to any business. If a step is missed or not done right businesses can experience fees as well as many other hardships. To ensure this does not happen Nexsto guarantees communication is clear and concise. 

Justice Scale
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